Sunday, 10 March 2013

Room Tour

As an exchange student it can be difficult to feel at home in another family's house. It can also make it a bit harder if you share your room with another student, as you need to agree on how your room should look. Luckily I live with sweetest girl you could imagine, and we get along very well. You will definitely hear loads more about her in my future posts! :)

I've chosen to spice up my bed and bed table, to make it a bit more personal. With some nice pillows and a lovely soft blanket it all looks nice and tidy - and of course your favourite teddy bear from home! 

On my bed table I have a framed picture of my boyfriend, who sadly is in Denmark. I've made my own piggy bank in a cute shop in Hythe called Amazing Glaze. However this table gets very messy in a short time... 
My latest DIY is my cover, I will make another post about that ;)

Some sweet letters from friends and family. The dollar (fake) is from a party where you could play Poker. It was a really nice idea, and a very fun! Definitely something I would do if I had a party!
And of course there is used chocolate paper from Cadbury Wishes, which I think personally is the best chocolate!!!! Again I have a picture of my boyfriend so I won't forget how he looks.

This is my first post. At the moment I'm planning a fashion show, which is next Friday so there might go sometime until my next post, as it is a very busy and tiring project!

Lots of love xxxxx

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