Sunday, 10 March 2013

A walk down Memory Lane

So since I'm in England I figured I should make a memory box as I experience a lot of things here. It is a wonderful and very cute idea! I got this in Cornwall on holiday. I love the design. I bought some 'diamonds' that said "Dream" and "Friends" in a book shop. It gave a a personal look, I might design it a bit more if I find any cute accessories.

Inside it I have literally got everything. A silver crown from christmas dinner, bracelet from school, cinema tickets, drawings, my boarding pass, a shell and much much more. When I go home to Denmark I will make a post revealing what else is inside it.

It is a nice idea to collect small items as well and I think I will be very happy with it when I go home again. And once in a while take a stroll down Memory Lane...

Lots of Love xxx

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